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Water Repellent Masonry Protection
Prevents rain penetration into masonry materials by lining their pores rather than blocking them – allowing the masonry to continue to breathe naturally. Unlike waterproof paints or waterproof coatings, it retains the natural finish of the masonry so is particularly suited for application to brickwork or stonework.

Typical applications include:

Treatment of penetrating damp
Improving the thermal resistance of masonry by keeping it dry (energy saving)
Maintaining the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation by ensuring it remains dry
Improving the flood resistance of masonry.
Protection is applied to masonry in a single coat by means of brush, roller, or spray. Once applied, it penetrates deeply into the masonry before curing to form a colourless, breathable water repellent barrier.

Key Benefits are:

Easy to Apply
Provides water-repellency
Reduces heat loss
Single coat application (saves time)
Tested to ISO 15148:2002 on brick, mortar, concrete and sandstone
UV Resistance
20-30 year life expectancy
Allows masonry to breathe naturally
Deeply penetrating
Alkali resistant – can be used over freshly pointed walls

Stone & Brick Sealers
Porous Masonry surfaces, which allow the penetration of rainwater, causes a number of problems.
We offer a range of Masonry and stone protection products to combat all of these problems. Using the latest in fluorocarbon technology we can guarantee some of our Masonry treatments for up to ten years.

Concrete Protection
Using Ultimate Topcoat, Cure-Seal and Epoxy Primer. Protect and seal both internal and external concrete surfaces from water penetration and subsequent damage by the freeze/thaw cycle.